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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Flexiwear is one of New Zealand's leading mail order bodybuilding and sport aerobics design studio and my goal is simply to create for each Flexiwear client a premium quality garment that uses only the finest of fabrics, components & rhinestones available.

All Flexiwear figure suits, competition bikinis, sport aerobics designer leotards & men's posing trunks are truly custom made and handcrafted because at Flexiwear your own measurements are used to create your very own hand drafted pattern.

A Flexiwear garment is made just for you!

Behind the brand Flexiwear is me, Kirsty and I have been creating handcrafted garments for over 15 years. In 2006, after years of dressmaking I decided I needed a change so created Flexiwear with a simple goal of creating custom made stage wear for individuals (having always loved the glitz and glamour of stage wear). Originally based in Lower Hutt, I worked with local dancers of all genres, bodybuilders and sport aerobic athletes who competed in local, national and international based competitions. A family move north to Cambridge brought about a new change as the business grew via word of mouth so much that eventually I decided to focus solely on bodybuilding and sport aerobics. In 2011 I felt that I had gained enough experience of working with these amazing athletes bodies that I expanded into my custom mail order side of the business.

A question a lot of my new clients always ask is have I ever competed? No, I have never competed myself but decided if this is what I want to create I need to find out as much as I can about bodybuilding competitions so over the years I make sure I stay up to date with all the current stagewear rules and along the way I have gathered lots of tips to help my clients showcase their best on stage. My clients often refer to me as a Sparkle Queen being a bit of a magpie and loving sparkles also I want my clients to sparkle on stage and feel amazingly sparkly!

So needless to say stage presentation has become quite a passion of mine and after all you are there to present yourself to be judged. A lot of this information I share with my clients as they come in for fitting and with most social media platforms becoming too expensive for small business to reach their audience I thought it’s about time to start a blog so welcome to Flexiwear’s blog.

Join me (and the odd guest) for hints and tips on getting stage ready to present yourself on stage as well as keep you up to date with happenings in the Flexiwear studio. You can also catch me on Facebook and Instagram (links are on my website), oh and I've just found Pinterest so watch this space for lots more ideas....

Till next time....

Sparkle and Shine always

Kirsty x

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