Sport Aerobics Costumes


Individual - Pairs
Trios - Teams

As a sport aerobics or fitness competitor 

you need a costume that

• stands out

• is unique

• suits your routine/music 

• is as individual as you are

With Flexiwear you can be your own designer. The difference is in the details and Flexiwear bespoke stagewear is handmade with care from premium quality fabrics to your personal measurements.

​Kirsty can create your design from your sketch. She will work her creative magic to bring your idea to life. If you are not sure where to start Kirsty is here to talk you through the design process or you can send a selection of ideas and she will design a costume especially for YOU.


Frequently asked questions about ordering from Flexiwear

Below are answers to some of the most common questions about ordering from Flexiwear.
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Do you have any ready-made costumes for sale?

Flexiwear’s focus is made-to-measure costumes, this offers you creative choice and full consultation during every step of the way.

As a designer, Kirsty understands that Sport Aerobics competitors need costumes which work with their music, choreography, and personal style.

Why doesn’t your website show any prices for stagewear?

There are no prices as each piece is designed and custom-made for the individual and there are a number of design elements to take into consideration.

At Flexiwear, Kirsty finds the best way is to work with your budget as she tailors your design to you, your style and music.

How far out from my competition do I need to place an order?

As soon as you commit to your competition.

Ideally best time to book is 3-4 months out from your competition as there are limited spots available each month. Some competition months do fill up completely, however 6-8 weeks is usually an adequate timeframe to organise an order.

Please be aware, at times Flexiwear can be fully booked in advance.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, there is a non-refundable deposit to pay to secure your spot in Flexiwear’s sewing schedule. (currently is 25% of your budget or $100 whichever is greater)

Is my deposit refundable if I decide not to compete?

Your deposit is non-refundable and can only be used for the competition date you have booked for because the time in the sewing schedule has already been allocated to you.

(In extremely special circumstances you may be able to transfer your order to another competition date, this is assessed case by case).

What form of payment do you accept, and can I make payments towards my order?

Payment is by direct credit into Flexiwear’s NZ bank account.

Your order is to be paid in two instalments, first is your deposit and then the balance is due once the design process is completed and before your costume is started.

PLEASE NOTE: No garment will be started until payment is made in FULL, no matter when your show is or your personal circumstances.


Frequently asked questions about Flexiwear's design process

Below are answers to some of the most common questions about Flexiwear's design process.
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Can you make my design from a sketch?

Yes, at Flexiwear you can provide a sketch or collection of design ideas for Kirsty to work from. To ensure she has interpreted your design correctly she will provide what the industry calls a “working drawing” for approval before any work is started.

How does the designing of my costume work?

At Flexiwear, you can be your own designer, send Kirsty a sketch of your design or send a collection of design ideas for Kirsty to work from, and to ensure she has interpreted your design ideas correctly she will re-sketch to what the industry calls a working drawing for approval before any work is started.

Unsure where to start Kirsty will guide you through the design process of collecting ideas and how to sketch your design or she can design something especially for you from your music. This can be done in person or via email and post (fabrics options will be emailed followed by a swatch card in the post).

When do we start designing my costume?

Once you have paid your deposit, the design process starts. 

This can be done in person or via email and mail.

What type of fabrics and colours do you have?

Flexiwear sources fabrics from all over the world to ensure your costume is made with only the best. The range includes first-grade Italian nylon Lycra, velvets, glitter velvets, holographic lycra, metallic spandex in many colours and shades of the rainbow.

How do I see your fabric range?

Flexiwear’s fabric range can be seen in person by appointment at Flexiwear’s private studio in Cambridge, Waikato.

For distant clients, fabrics options are emailed and then followed by a swatch card in the post as part of the design process.

You can also follow Flexiwear on Instagram or Facebook for colour, fabric, design ideas and motivational quotes.

What type of rhinestones do you use?

Flexiwear’s rhinestone of choice is Preciosa Viva12 from The Czech Republic. Preciosa is well-known across the USA, Europe & UK and offers a brilliant sparkle and is top quality. It also shows amazing colour up close and at a distance. 

(Swarovski crystals are available by request however due to changes at Swarovski headquarters they will be no longer available once Flexiwear’s suppliers run out of stock)

You are welcome to choose to not add stonework as Kirsty does find that most of her Sport Aerobics clients choose to add their own sparkles (she can assist with where to go for rhinestones and what glue to use).

What happens once my design is finalised?

Once your design is finalised Kirsty will use her pattern making and sewing skills to bring your design to life, the process takes approx. 5-6 weeks for your costume to be completed.

Do you have a size chart?

No, Flexiwear does not have a size chart because as a designer Kirsty appreciates each person’s individuality when it comes to body shape, so she uses your measurements to create your individual sewing pattern.

Where do I measure for my costume?

At Flexiwear’s private studio you can be measured personally by Kirsty or she can email you step-by-step measurement instructions to follow. This is then emailed back with ‘un-posed’ photos that Kirsty uses to visually check your measurements.

For accurate measuring it is advised you have someone else take your measurements.

Do you offer a fitting service?

Yes, you are welcome to come to Flexiwear’s private studio in Cambridge, Waikato for a fitting with Kirsty.

What if I am unable to come to you for a fitting?

As your costume she uses your personal measurements to create the pattern, you will receive a beautiful costume tailored personally to you.

Also, part of Flexiwear’s custom-made service if there are any alterations needed once you receive your costume there is no additional charge, (conditions apply).

Will my costume be lined?

Yes, all Flexiwear sport aerobics costumes are fully lined with premium swimwear lining.


Frequently asked questions about delivery and costume care

Below are answers to some of the most common questions about Flexiwear's design process.
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How will I receive costume?

Your finished costume will be sent by trackable overnight courier to a physical address (or local NZ Courier depot for collection) and will need to be signed for on delivery.

Delivery is additional and cost will be confirmed at time of booking in.

What if I receive my costume and it does not seem right?

Contact Kirsty straight away (within 24 hours of receiving your order).

She asks that you email her a couple of photos wearing it so she can visually see what is going on. As part of Flexiwear’s custom-made service if there are any alterations needed there is no additional charge (conditions apply).

Alterations or additional embellishments done after your competition are at your own expense and garments must be supplied clean or a cleaning fee of $50 will apply.

Please note: It is especially important that you follow Flexiwear’s measuring instructions carefully and contact Kirsty if you would like further clarification. She can talk you through the process on a Zoom consultation. As part of Flexiwear’s measuring instructions Kirsty asks for a set of photos so she can view your body’s proportions. Flexiwear will not be held responsible for any errors made by a client when taking their measurements.

What is your return policy?

Due to the personal nature of Flexiwear’s stagewear and your garment is custom made to your individual measurements all sales are final.

What is the best way to look after my costume?