Costume After Care

Dissolve a small amount of mild chlorine free detergent in a bucket of cool/warm water. Submerge your costume in the soapy water and gently hand wash (swishing your costume around in the water). DO NOT SOAK.  Remove and rinse in clean cold water until water runs clear. Place between two towels on flat surface and press lightly until your costume is semi-dry. Dry flat out of direct sunlight.
NOTE- for costumes with rhinestone embellishments: we suggest NOT to wash it, instead carefully sponge clean the crutch and underarm area as some washing detergents can affect the rhinestone adhesive.
Avoid rough surfaces and contact with perfumes, hair sprays, deodorants, oils, and tanning lotions.
Do not soak, scrub, bleach, or use products with bleaching agents.
Do not wring, leave wet or rolled in a towel.
Do not spin, tumble dry, dry-clean, or iron.